“It’s not Bennings”
Behind the scenes of a painting in progress

The good folk at Printed in Blood put out a call for new movie art for their latest book celebrating The Thing. Being one of my favourite films, I had to be involved, naturally.

During painting I made these (very) brief videos for Instagram to give a small look at the process of creating a new work.

Video 1: The dreaded white canvas. Setting the stage by applying the base coat via spray. I use a variety of methods for this step. Sometimes just a broad brush. Occasionally a multi-layed application of washes.

Video 2: Applying highlights to Kurt Russell.

Video 3: Building up the smoke on Bennings-Thing

Video 4: A technique I use to apply splattered paint on many of my paintings.

Video 5: Final step, signing. Naturally, I find things I don’t like even after this step and keep painting!