saint-Nicolas-of-Cage-Vincent Carrozza
a coffee mug with image of nicolas cage as a saint

Saint Nicolas of Cage – Nicolas Cage Painting

Saint Nicolas of Cage, The One True God, Nicolas Cage Jesus, Jesus Cage, Nicolas Kim Coppola… the much acclaimed thespian/actor goes by many names, but his acolytes know he left the need for mere names behind many moons ago indeed.

If you asked how long have I been a Nicolas Cage fan, I’d answer that it started with my favourite Cage film “Valley Girl”. Featuring a young Cage in an early role, it’s a timeless tale of weird boy from a different part of town meets normal girl, normal girl is intrigued, boy becomes infatuated, normal girl’s normal friends hate weird boy, jock boy who secretly likes normal girl hates weird boy, jock boy attacks weird boy, weird boy wins normal girl, upbeat music plays over credits. There’s some other stuff involving a flirty mother, well meaning hippy parents, cheating, gossip and colored hair, but I’m sure you get the point. And it doesn’t hurt that it rocks a great soundtrack showcasing classic music of the era.

So it’s no suprise when compiling a list of potential subjects for my new Modern Pop Art Saints series that Nic Cage would be near the top of the list.

It goes without saying I had a blast painting this actually. I really wanted to capture his Con Air windswept hair look, which I think I did successfully.

As with all my digital work, this was painted in Photoshop from scratch, and is not a lazy photo manipulation like so many other saint paintings on the net.

This artwork was recently one of the top selling Nic Cage coffee mugs on Society6 but is no longer available on their website. It can now be purchased from my Etsy store.