Religio Sine Scienta Nihil Est - Vincent Carrozza

religio sine scienta

“Religio Sine Scienta Nihil Est” loosely (and probably grammatically poorly) translates as “Religion Without Science is Nothing”, and I think you can infer that ‘Science Without Religion is Nothing’ is a suitable title as well, depending on your perspective.

I feel it’s important to have an understanding – or at least an awareness – of the many views that make up our universe before you see fit to pass judgment on others and their views, and this image is perhaps more an internal dialog than a judgment on anyone’s opinions.

But that’s not really the idea behind this drawing. Recently I was reading about the Large Hadron Collider and also a book on religious paintings by Maltese artists. For some reason the images of particle decay and the paintings of saints and other religious figures had a sort of resonance and beauty that felt natural, or at least ‘comfortable’ together.

Without getting into my own thoughts on the religion v. science debate, the image above is actually at odds with what I personally believe, so makes me wonder whether the meaning in it is perhaps a message from somewhere deeper down inside me.

I don’t know, but it’s something for me to ponder in those moments when I think I have it ‘all worked out”.